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Lingering Reverberations

Long after it’s over, you can still hear it. Floating sublimely in your subconscious. It touches you, transports you. Makes the mind wander. To places unknown, yet serene and dreamlike. That’s what music does to you.

There are only 2 ways known to man to travel without moving- books and music. No matter where we come from, we all understand what the tunes are trying to tell us. The stories they’re weaving. They speak the language of the heart, not the mind. Have meaning without having to say a single word. 

Some of my favourite tracks are those without lyrics; I love to interpret music my own way. And the best way to do it- close your eyes and let the sound take over. Some tunes bring back memories of times gone by, some take me to those yet to be made. It allows me to imagine, beyond what my eyes have seen. Witness gorgeous sunsets over shimmering seas. If this is not bliss, I don’t know what is.

It’s never over, even after it’s long over. The reverberations exist forever.

If you have never traveled with music, you’ve never heard it. 

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